Why should we get an inspection before buying a home in Joondalup?

Before buying a house in Joondalup, we must do the inspection to know about the current conditions of the house as it is more important to check whether the house is good for moving in or has to be repaired.
Our Asset Protection Building Inspections inspects the buildings and identify any existing defects and Termite damage such as wall damage, swollen floors, and ceilings.
It maybe seemed more costly but is a smaller investment instead of investing more amounts in buying a home and it will save a huge in your future investment too.
And if the building is inspected by an experienced accredited builder, you will get relief and confidence to moving in the house safely. Furthermore, you can renovate and sell it with your own decision by referring to comprehensive reports made by our qualified accredited builders.

We will provide you full information before buying a house like a contract including all the future repairs and modifications in a very convenient budget.
And if you get to know about any damage before buying the house, we will negotiate the original purchase price for you.

Now-a-days mortgage providers find it easy to funding a home loan if the house is fully inspected by the certified inspector but it is up to you, be very aware of the unqualified inspectors and without having any license as they will not do it inaccurate way or if major problems are not inspected properly, it will be unsafe for you and you have to pay for your mistake.

Today, what we look at in pre-purchase building inspection Joondalup is that the house we buy will be of good condition.
Our Asset protection building inspections provide you a fully customized report including the present condition of the property and identify the defects if any.
Our reports are all complies with the Australian Standard (AS 4349.1) and are made by our professional inspectors.

We look after the areas of the houses which are accessible to us, including the inner and outer parts of the buildings like bowed walls, Nail pops, uneven or bouncy floors, drywall cracks, cracked basement walls, chimneys, areas of rising damps, windows, timber frames, doors and frames in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry, stairs and gaps between your walls and floor.
We also check the insulation, roof damage, drainage system, damp, ventilation, timber flooring and various roof parts of the buildings like cracked and dirty shingles, Leaks after a rainstorm, staining, blistering, sagging roof deck and roof sheeting.
This all damage is identified and noted with detailed information including images of the damaged things by our qualified inspector in a report which will be easy to inform the reader about house defects.

We will arrange your pre-purchase building inspection Joondalup by managing a convenient date and time for you to inspect your property with a good certified agent.
All the inspection done on the house will take at least two hours, mainly pre-purchase building inspections Joondalup depends on the type, age, size and the current condition of the property.
All our inspectors are qualified certified experience accredited building practitioners having the license and all are allowed to be in your service for inspecting and give advice on the cost of modifications and the feasibility of the changes in the property.

The information on the report generated during inspection of house mostly includes the name and the address of the property to be inspected, its reason with date, list of damages whether it’s major or minor, loss of utility, overall conditions of the home and if any further investigation is required or has to consult a specialist.

Now moving on the cost of pre-purchase inspection Joondalup will cost you $350 for combined timber pest and building inspections with a customized report by an inspector.
The cost will also depend upon the location, age, general condition and the size of the house that has to be inspected.
We will give you a detail price quote through the phone and you will also contact us for the fixed price quote. All the charges on the inspections on the building based on an hourly rate, including the time taken for making a report and onsite investigation by our inspector.
Time is most important for inspecting the building, older and larger the building will take most of the time in inspecting it and time will be consumed to document all the damages in a report.

Why Choose Asset Protection Building Inspections for Pre-Purchase Building Inspections Joondalup?

We, Asset Protection Building Inspections are the independent consultancy and are certified 1 qualified building Thermographers for utilizing thermal imaging techniques as a part of our inspections.
We provide you qualified and certified accredited building practitioners having experience and all are very professional to their work. Our reports are very easy to get all the information related problems as we include all the details of the general damages with attached images for a better understanding of the defected areas.
All your interests are protected with us by carrying full professional indemnity insurance, and we do not rely on any other real estate agent impartial reporting.

Want to do pre-purchase building inspection before buying a home, just talk with us for better understanding.
Images of the present defected areas in the buildings (For more information, tap on the images)

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