Thermal imaging

Thermography is a non-destructive defect testing technique that can pinpoint potential moisture, electrical and energy efficiency issues in homes and buildings.

Apb inspections uses a Flir infrared camera as a supplementary tool for our building diagnostics services. Infrared Thermography is the quickest and most definitive way to detect moisture, energy losses and electrical issues in your home. Thermal camera investigations are non-destructive and can provide you with valuable information on a variety of structural issues. We provide thermal photography services to private homes, commercial buildings and schools.

What can a thermal camera detect in my home?

Moisture in wall structures
Rising and lateral damp problems
Building envelope leaksMould in inaccessible cavities
Water migration
Thermal signatures of latent moisture
Poorly installed or inadequate insulation
Air leaks in the building envelope
Pipe locations prior to drilling Electrical overloads
Substandard sealing work

How does a thermal camera work?

All objects emit heat. This heat (thermal energy) is not visible to the human eye and needs to be measured under the infrared spectrum. A thermal imaging camera measures this heat and constructs an image of the emissions.